Teeth extractions and bone grafts are complex procedures that require the skill of an experienced dentist like Dr. Greg Campbell.

Bone Grafting Near Long Beach, CA

Extracted tooth with the tools

Bone grafting is often needed to complete restorative dental procedures such as the placement of dental implants. It’s important to ensure the jawbone is strong, deep, and wide enough to support dental implants before the procedure begins.

If your jaw bone has been affected by periodontal disease, tooth extraction, infection, or injury, the team at Greg Campbell DDS can use bone grafting to rejuvenate and strengthen your underlying bone. This makes it possible to pursue tooth replacement or a full smile transformation.

As long as you’re healthy enough to undergo bone grafting, this is a much better alternative to missing teeth and tooth deformities!

Teeth Extractions In Long Beach

The Greg Campbell DDS team performs simple and complex tooth extractions. Simple tooth extractions can be performed without anesthesia or major surgery. If you are experiencing any of the following dental issues, an extraction may be the best solution:

  • Loose teeth as a result of periodontal disease
  • Extra teeth causing overcrowding
  • A fractured or malformed tooth that needs to be removed

More complex extractions may be required for impacted wisdom teeth or other teeth that aren’t easily accessible in the mouth. Dr. Campbell offers sedation dentistry during these extractions to ensure patients feel comfortable and relaxed.